Why do I integrate ICT in my English lesson? by Elizabeth M.

From spectators to architecs…

The reason of the integration of ICT in my English lessons is something that I am understanding little by little. I have been working with technology with the students for a long time without paying attention to the objectives. They were learning FROM it not WITH it. Today I can say that with the help of ICT in the classroom, students can strengthen autonomy, awareness of their learning process, collaboration and the power to make decisions. Those are things that I am learning now. I have to work on the integration of ICT in my classes in the right way, because we are teaching digital natives that need to be monitored.

This integration needs the active participation of learners where the thinking classroom must be encouraged in order to use technology as a tool not the main part of their learning. Another important thing is the development of expertise in teachers in terms of what she/he wants to do, why and how. Teachers work as facilitators and assessors of learners’ process that is why our training is so esencial. All of this will help us to turn learners into more than spectators of their knowledge, but the creators of it.


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