Why do I integrate ICT in my English lesson? by Mónica Leal R.

It is not easy for me to think about technology ,that is  ICT’s in my lessons. I know that they should be part of my classes. The question is why do I integrate them in my lessons?. From what we have studied and worked in our presentations, technology is a tool that helps learners to create and design their own knowledge. By using it , they learn more and better (learning by doing).  By using technology teachers  can get the motivation and the interaction of students for classes, this is not an end, it is a means to achieve knowledge. Students are assuming  the control and the engagement of their learning. We Teachers are not the instructors, students work with technology and make it part of their life, as means of communication. We have to accept that ICT´s are part of our classrooms and they come with our students and integrate them as books.



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