Why do I integrate ICT in my English lesson? by Sara Albornoz

English teachers should integrate ICT into their classrooms since there are multiple and varied ways teachers can take advantage of them.

At the beginning, the use of ICT was considered an ecxellent tool to engage students in using real english in different tasks they could enjoy at the same time. Teachers could use ICT to teach English implicitly, in a funny and motivating way. However, during the last years there has been a change in the use of ICT for pedagogical purposes. ICT provides teachers with new and fresh ideas where they can integrate different language skills in one single task . Besides, ICT is a good tool to promote students autonomy in taking the control of the class and their learning, and as result becoming active learners . In that way, you can can combine technology and learning not only inside the classroom, but at students homes as well.

The use of ICT it is not only limited to the incorporation of Videos, Ppts  and computers. There are many other different resources teachers can use such as wikis, blogs or even online photo galeries. All of them are examples of common tools students frequently use in their everyday routine. This aspect makes the incorporation of  ICT into the classroom much simpler.


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