Why do I integrate ICT in my English lesson? by Sofía

First of all I should say that ICT´s are interesting and important tools to use nowadays, mainly because our students are used to technologies and we, as teachers, should take advantage of this.

Even though, ICT’s are sometimes not very easy to use in some schools, like public ones… It’s not impossible to do so. There are many ways in which we can integrate ICT to our classes, for example: cellphones (sending text messages), presenting power points and also asking students to make presentations using this tool, cameras (taking pictures), etc… It would be amazing to have access to many different resources but when you don’t,  you need to take advantage of the available ones. Why? Because ICT is an interactive and collaborative medium which will offer our students the possibility to explore language in a more creative and friendly way.

I really feel that ICT can make our job easier than rather difficult, as many of us might think… Planning a class with the use of ICT is not easy at the beginning but just because we, in general, are not used to it… When you’ve done this more than once, you’ll notice the following:

– Students  enjoying and appreciating your classes more than before using ICT.

– You, the teacher, will also enjoy your own classes more that before using ICT.

Use ICT!!!


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