Why do I integrate ICT in my English lesson? by (Soledad Araya Pérez)

Theories on ICT’s explain why we teachers should integrate the use of these tools in our classrooms, but practice is what clarifies and instructs teachers on how to use them. In the field of TEFL we have learnt to take advantage of these tools, it does not matter if we present a new topic or we want our students to interact, the appropriate use of any technological resource should lead us to improve both, our teaching praxis and students’ quality of the language learning. So the reason for me to integrate ICT’s in my Language lessons is to support in an effective way the application of different teaching/learning strategies, making my lessons an engaging and pleasurable experience and hoping that experience will turn into lifelong learning for my students. Definitely, ICT’s are an amazing progress for Education but we should not forget machines are nothing without the genius of Human Beings…


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