Why do I integrate ICT in my English lesson? by Natalia

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Do you think ICT resources and tools are way too difficult to manage?

Do you use technological resources in your lessons?

Do you think that ICT tools are a waste of your class time?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you MUST continue reading…

As scary as ICT’s in the classroom might sound, you have to try it! Why??

Because it will open new opportunities for enriching your teaching practices!

You probably think “easier said than done”, but all teachers agree that even though technology can be challenging (internet down, computer not working, etc…), the opportunities it provides are broader.

There are many interesting articles you can explore to learn more about this topic:

–         Computers as Cognitive Tools

–         The Thinking Classroom

–         Constructivist Learning Environments

–         Handbook of Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPCK)

–         Power and Pedagogy

–         TESOL Technology Standards


Some ideas to consider:

  • We can expand our teaching practices as well as our students’ learning experiences.
  • We can use international standards for using technology integrating/considering language skills.
  • We can empower learning, critical thinking, reflection and a community of learning using online resources.
  • We can design interesting, authentic and innovative classes integrating ICT.

Are you convinced about using ICT now? If YES, please COMMENT!


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