It is undeniable that we live in a globalised world where everybody is connected, so incorporating ICT into the English lessons becomes a real necessity for teachers in this modern society.

As teachers, we cannot leave aside or ignore our students’ interests, so this is when technology comes into play. As we know, this tool has a great impact on our students’ everyday activities. So why not think that this can be an important means for motivating students and developing learning processes.

It is also relevant to say that technology lets our students have full access to authentic material, which it is a must for including in our teaching practice, as much as we can.
There is no doubt about the use of ICT’s in the classroom is a great benefit for the development of critical thinking in our students.

It is essential to promote teacher training in the use of ICT’s and encourage the use of them in teaching pedagogy. The existence of international standards (TESOL Technology Standards, for instance),helps us to have a clearer idea of where we stand and where we must move forward concering this topic.


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