Why do I integrate ICT in my English lesson? by (please add name)

Why should I integrate ICTin my lessons? To engage my students in the class, to make the lesson more fun and interesting for them. The students are very demanding and they are always asking for more.
I think that everybody knows how inportant is technology nowadays, but we have to know how to use it effectively, is not just using a video or internet in our class, is the purpose of that. It has to be something that is useful for our students. That’s why we have to be updated in technology to be sure that we are using the correct resourse.
Now I know that ICT is more than a radio, videos or softwares with the help of internet we can do a lot. But we have to be careful of this, so much technology sometimes can be harmful. Specially with teenagers, they love technology, but sometimes they use it in a wrong way, we have to educate them about the correct use of ICT so like this they don’t hurt nobady’s feelings.
So, I have too much to learn about using ICT but this is not an obstacle to start integrating them in my lessons.


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