Why do I integrate ICT on my English lesson? by (please add name)

Teachers are strategist and we have got ICTs as a mean among student’s potentials and student’s skills. So this is the answer, we have to integrate ICT on English lesson as a habit,  our culture is constinuously changing and there are other necessities that yesterday didn’t exist, a new paradigme indeed as teachers we have to face every day a big space of indifference, also a new question we take into account.  How can we engage our students to learn English? why I’m wondering this question.. Because outside there are social problems and teenagers believe English is unuseful I’m talking about poor environment, ther are not interested in English, they are suffering from great problems. For this controversial and educational problems we can adapt the environment, or ICTs for our purposes, the education is a must.

Students use tech tools, they are connecting, sharing their fairs, and communicate with their friends. They were born with it… and also in cyber space fb, twitter, cell pones, computers, iPod, Tablet, etc., all these things are meaningful tools for them, if a teacher of English use it, students will learn sucessfully, because they can live an experience, enjoy and communicate as well. We can integrate ICT on our clases.

It doesn’t matter who is the subject “poor children with great lack of interest in learning”, and “other small public students portion with all support for them”, as teacher of English we can give them tools for living, do you remember the cognitive tools?; TPACK, and other theoretical fundations for learning with using ICT, it’s time to change.

I would like a better world, but not unreal or uthopic, we can teach intelligently, it difficult I know, outside there are lots of problems, we are not talking about the small portion of rich students, there are more students outside, they have been forgotten. we have to be more conscious about difficulties, we have got tech but we have to create strategies for learning in difficult environment without support, what can we do?………… this is the bridge we can pass through it, but we have to think in advance how can we interact without enough resources, sufficiently new to be used it. Only I want to put on the table this point of view, and I give thanks in many ways to affordable tools that make us easier our labor, and of course, for student’s learning.

We are designers,  we can be the bridge, as facilitators. and help us and help them indeed with ICT.


Alicia Muñoz Méndez




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